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Rust Patrol

30 Oct

POR-15 is amazing.  The floor pan and  the front firewall  look great.  I’ll post pictures after the pedal cluster comes back from being rebuilt by Eric Shea.  Lesson learned: do not use an expensive brush to apply POR-15.  Next time it will be the 3-for-a-dollar  Chinese made brush set from Dollar Tree.

Next I decided to attack the engine compartment.  I removed the rubber weather stripping, air deflectors, and the old battery tray.  Removing the tray was a lot easier than anticipated, thanks to a reciprocating saw and a very sharp chisel.  The “hell hole” wasn’t hellish, afterall.  In fact, it was surprisingly rust-free.  Here’s a couple of pictures:

I used a grinder, wire brush drill attachment, an assortment of  manual wire brushes, and the chisel to clean up the area.  Treated with the POR-15 prep regimen, misted the area with a garden hose, and blow dried with a shop vac.  Now it should be ready for painting, maybe in the next day or two as time permits.

My license plates are here.  Hmmmm, guess what it means?


Pedal to Rusty Metal

14 Oct

Here’s a picture of the floorpan after I’ve removed the pedal cluster.    This is my weekend project, prepping and treating the front cabin area with POR-15. 

The wires with the label goes to the brake light switch.  I was going to rebuild the pedal cluster myself, but eventually decided to send it out to Eric Shea for exchange or rebuild.  I wasn’t planning on this, but it has to be done.  It will be too much hassle to wait until something breaks later.  Might as well get this taken cared of while it’s disassembled.  

Is this what project managers call “scope creep”?