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I’m Back!

2 Jan

After a hiatus of about two months, I finally worked on the car yesterday.  New Year’s day, I know, but I did it to set the tone for this coming year.  Let’s get this show on the road as soon as possible!  Now, if I could only get those critical parts on time.

Overseas vacation, two bouts with winter colds/flu,  college football season (we’re Cal Bears season ticket holders) and of course my occupation all conspired to keep me away from spending meaningful time with the 914.   So what am I up to now?

Yesterday, I removed the rear window.  It was rattling badly, and  since I need to eventually remove the back firewall pad, anyway,  might as well clean and re-set the window while there’s no motor out back and I have easy access from the front.  After removing the top and side rollbar pads, the window practically popped out by itself.  The old “glue” was so dried out, the pads were the only thing holding it in place.  Today after work I spent an hour or so removing the old butyl residue, and decided that I will repaint the whole area with POR-15 since there’s some spots with surface rust.  I also removed the 2 rear targa latches because one is broken, and the other needs to be reconditioned.  Translation: rust removal and repainting.  I bought 2 replacement clips from a guy in Florida who was parting out his 914, and they also need reconditioning.  I’ll work on these the next couple of days, and paint them in the weekend.  I’ll also flip the two (+) battery cables from the rear to the front trunk, where the auxiliary battery will be located.  Might as well do this now while I have access to the center tunnel!