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More Delays

7 Feb

It seems like a never ending story, but more important things keep me from spending more time on this project.  Maybe soon, real soon …

 Since the last post I’ve restored the back window, flipped the power cords from the rear to the front trunk, and exposed the rear wiring harnesses.  Hooked up the old 12V battery to the power cords, and was able to get the headlights and turn signal to work.  From pre-conversion I know I’ve got a “sticky” dimmer switch, and the wipers and horn don’t work, either.  These may or may not be that easy to fix, but since I don’t really need these to get this car rolling, I’ll put postpone this for later.

I’ve started to clean the transmission casing, and took a hard look at the clutch parts.    I’ll have to consult an “expert” to see if I’ll need a new clutch disk or pressure plate.  It was reasonably OK  while running the original engine, and I don’t think the electric motor will exert as much strain on it.  You see, the electric motor doesn’t “spin” while the car is stopped and your foot is off the accelerator.