Progress Report

24 Oct

It’s slow going, but we’ve made some progress.  I’m now confident that this car will at least be drivable by Thanksgiving!   “Cream puff can come later”,  the engineer who built my controller said the other day.  Ain’t that the truth?

 Let me show you some pics and tips.

 I’ve installed the new shocks with 180 lb. springs.  To raise the height of the car, I added a “spacer”, actually a plumbing nipple, as suggested by Tim K.   I disassembled the old shocks myself to get to the recycled parts, but didn’t trust my puny spring compressor on the 180’s, so I took it to a shop for assembly.  I liberally greased the lower mounting bolts because if I have to remove the shocks again to adjust the height, I don’t want to go through the same hardship when I removed the originals.  Here’s a picture of the shocks before installation:

The motor, transmission and shift linkage have likewise been assembled and mounted.   Shifting was more like an art form with this car, so I bought a  kit and replaced the linkage bushings.  The firewall bushing was a bit difficult to install, (what isn’t in a 914?) but a cup of hot water to soften up the plastic bushing did the trick.  Picture below shows a bad/worn bushing.


I may have mentioned this already, but I also bought a new pilot bearing for the flywheel, and also felt and crush washers.  Inexpensive items, but worth replacing while they’re all taken apart.  Kudos to Pelican Parts for technical notes that even I, a novice, was able to follow.

Motor/transmission mating was done on a long furniture mover which facilitated their installation to the car.  No hoists, chain, or heavy lifting involved.  An assistant and a couple of jacks were all I needed.

Brand new clutch is finally installed.  I had to enlarge the pilot holes using a drill press, a 5 minute job.  That’s after wrestling with the cover assembly for half an hour trying to get them in properly, and cutting my thumb in the process.  Those spring “fingers” have sharp edges! 

I don’t own a clutch alignment tool, but I have a disassembled transmission available, so I guess I guess you make do with what you have.  Lesson learned: dry fit the parts first.  The ElectroAutomotive motor adaptor installation guide wasn’t very clear, so I ended up guessing wrong and installed the plate upside down.  It would have been so much easier to fit it first to the transmission to get the proper orientation.  Good thing loctite hasn’t set yet.

What to do with the gaping starter hole on the transmission?  Make an aluminum cover from a traffic sign.  (Thanks to Jim B, a commercial real estate developer, who has a stack of brand new traffic signs in storage!).  What else to make out of the aluminum sheet?  How about the potbox holder? 

1st cut, it looks much better after trimming and filing:

Back side shows stand-offs, plastic pieces picked up from the scrap bin at Tap Plastics.  In case you’re wondering, the sign says FIRE LANE. 

Potbox installed.  Cable and spring are not yet adjusted.  The newly installed firewall bushing is on the lower right hand of this photo:


2 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. industrialcranes December 28, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    Hey I just got through with the pages, I should say Pretty nice work done there.Thanks for sharing your ideas!!I really Keep sharing your views appreciate it!

  2. Volt Owner June 6, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

    Your potbox holder looks just like mine! Except that I thought the aluminum was bending too much and added a Stanley corner brace next to the side with the cable stop. No more bending, and since the braces come in pairs, both side now have braces. In the process of moving it up to the center of the firewall, as high as possible. Going to put an ABS cover over it to keep it dry too.

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