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What a Weekend!

8 Nov

I made a lot of progress last weekend. Installed a dedicated 20 amp circuit (for the battery charger) in the garage, replaced the front struts and torsion bars, installed a tow bracket, and did some more in-car wiring.

I used #10 wires for this dedicated circuit, not an easy task threading them through the metal conduit. Test lamp says circuit is OK!

Thanks to my friend Ricardo, we were able to finish the front suspension work and towing bracket installation on Saturday afternoon. College football season sure gets in the way. Had to rush to Berkeley for the Cal-WSU game (season ticket holder, Go Bears!). Good thing it was an evening game.

Here’s the front suspension, with the old parts:

Did the work in the driveway, better than the cramped garage:

Here’s a close-up of the tow bracket.  It was made by David Lee, who goes by the handle dlee1967 at  His website is  This is a great addition, especially if you’re planning to tow the car to shows and EVents, not to mention the shop if needed.

Here’s an image from David Lee’s website: